Electrolytic Tough Pitch (ETP) Copper Rod-The Essence of All

“Rare is the union of Beauty and Purity”- and I feel that in today’s time the latter is missing and what is remaining is only facets of the former.

A Warm Welcome to all my viewers. I would like to draw your attention to this ever burgeoning problem affecting our industry these days. There have been many cases of customers being cheated, falsified in regards to the price and content of material and which has slowly but steadily started crippling the market with its negative effects of demand slowdown, substitution of materials or increasing imports. Who is responsible for this ? I put this question right across the entire industry and anticipate replies positive or negative against it.

Parents, GrandFathers and ForeFathers used to say ‘We can cheat a person once or twice. Third time he will never come to us ‘. Is this not frightening ? Are we so short sighted ? Or our Greed is taking active control over us that we are blindly abiding by it ? The real cost of losing customers is far more deep vis a vis the narrow pockets filled in by duping them. In today’s business scenario barring the top multinationals or as we say the ‘billion dollar companies’, corporate governance or basic ethics is quickly fading away if at all it ever existed. Where on one side the entire world now is praising saga of the Modi Government with its various schemes like ‘Make In India’ programme or ‘Swacch Bharat’ programme is this what we are planning to sow again. Does time just command cleanliness on roads and houses and places not does it require to clean the odd practices at work, the dirtiness filled in our minds so that we can now at least build a better future for ourselves. It is high time now that these practices need to stop. Customer awareness should be risen through this little effort and through a couple of facts that I want to share.

One of the most important reason for this increase in the use of ETP Copper has been the recognition that attention to ingredients and quality parameters if given, benefits everyone involved. Superior grade material leads to Energy efficiency which is a win/win/win/win situation. For the end user of the motor or transformer (say) , electricity costs are lower. For the electric utility, the need to conserve energy is met so that new generating capacity – expensive capacity, fraught with environmental problems that the utility would sooner avoid – does not need to be built. For the motor or transformer manufacturer, a higher value product with a higher profit margin is sold. And finally, for the copper industry, more copper is used.

On the other hand if low grade copper rod is used the annealing temperature will be lower when insoluble oxides are formed at the grain boundary. Although, oxygen has very little influence on the annealing temperature but oxygen in combination with other metallic impurities plays a crucial role in affecting ductility, conductivity and drawability. Copper rod used for magnet wire applications must have some special characteristics else it leads to massive die wear and tear and deterioration of the wire drawing emulsion, amongst others. The quality demand is so rigorous that most copper rod producers need to implement a very efficient and stringent quality procedure able to asses and select different copper rod quality grades suitable to satisfy all segments of the wire industry.

Opportunities come and go and we need to capitalise upon them with the right approach and not with negative thoughts as if ‘The World is ending tomorrow’ and we need to earn all our bread and butter today itself. I am very confident that businesses multiplies if minimum ethics is carried along with it. Above all I would like to summarise by saying that this should be treated as an awakening call rather than a blame game or pinpointing others effort as nobody has the time and need to look into what others are doing. If we ourselves feel the need then only it is worth to give this article a second thought.

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