SMA's bare copper wire are made from pure electrolytic grade copper and are manufactured in compliance with required standards.

Solid wire has only one strand of bare copper metal wire which is surrounded or sleeved by and insulator. This Solid wire is used in enamelled wired motors and transformers. As these wires are rigid - they do not bend easily, and hence their application is where there is no frequent use to remove it. Once it is fixed it almost becomes permanent, and hence it is used in low flex applications.

Stranded wire is a bunch of thin copper wires braided and twisted together and sleeved by and insulator. Stranded Copper wire is very flexible and is easier to use or install than the single solid wire for the same purpose. Stranded wires are used where there are vibrations observed. The reason is that as it is twisted into the sleeve the conductivity and the resistance is better. Here the added advantage is it has the same characteristics and better flexibility.

Cable cords available from 2 wires to 12 wires

A thin copper cable is a cable where two or more separate copper wires are bonded together in a different sleeve but braided together. The use of these cables is especially for electronic equipment industries.

Copper wires in these cables would be bare copper or are plated to minimize oxidation with tin, silver or gold as per the use of the equipment or on the need of the customer.