At SMA, our work is based on the quality that is always customer expectation oriented. The endeavor is to deliver on time with convenient commercial terms. At every point, we try to function within right and fair frameworks. Our 'state of the art' technology makes sure that the products we manufacture add value to the standing of our customers even in the face of competition. Efficient management of existing, available resources in the best possible way to have a continuous flow of improvement and development is one of our top priorities. This also involves making sure we are always working with reliable supply sources and in time have long-term business relationships with them.

Our employees are very important to us and at every step we support their personal growth in healthy and friendly environments. Regular training goes a long way in increasing their efficiency and productivity.

We take pride in the fact that we are socially responsible and are very careful to fulfill all our liabilities towards society, state and employees. Respecting ethical values at every step is our mission and we never compromise on that.

A few select insights into SMA's Quality Policy Maintenance...

  • Raw Material Properties
    The raw materials are pure copper wire grade "A" London Metal Exchange Registered Brand with copper purity of 99.99%. This allows our high-quality Bare Copper Wire and SE Cu Wire to meet International Standards.

  • Production Process
    In all production process, we need to monitor the extent to which our products meet specifications. In the most general term there are two 'enemies' of product quality:
    1. Deviations from target specifications.
    2. Excessive variability around target specifications.
    The general approach to on-line quality control is straightforward. We simply extract samples of a certain size ongoing production process and then produce line charts of the variability those samples and consider their closeness to target specifications. If any sample is found to be outside pre-specified limits then the process is declared to be out of control and action is taken to find the cause of the problem.

  • Temper
    All temper grades meet international standards.

  • Quality flatness.
    The flatness of copper is important to jointing efficiency. The more the flatness the less machining work is required, during the preparation of the jointing surface. SMA has lower than 0.25 MM flatness per meter which is more capable of producing superior joint efficiency. Special equipment has been installed for straightening products. It is only specially installed equipment in all over India in copper industries!

  • Standards.
    Copper Wires for electrical purposes are produced to meet International Standards including JIS, BS EN, ASTM, AS/NZS and IS as required by customer specifications.

  • Grades available
    ETP/ Oxygen free / Phosphorised

  • Packing Criteria
    1. Wooden Boxes - Copper products are wrapped with plastic, Hessen cloth &the bundles are put into wooden boxes.
    2. Plastic Packing - Copper products will be wrapped only with Plastic.
    3. Hessen Cloth Packing - Copper products will be wrapped with Plastic and then with Hessen cloth