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"Respect for applicable legislation, and for collective agreements between social partners, is a prerequisite for meeting the CSR objectives of our company" Small and Medium Enterprises may not know and use the term "CSR", but their close relations with employees, the local community and business partners often mean they have a naturally responsible approach to business. For most SMEs, the process by which they meet their social responsibility is likely to remain informal and intuitive.

A list of dos and don'ts followed by our company


  • Laugh, listen and understand
  • Play an active role
  • Move beyond the theory
  • Be convincing, authentic, enthusiastic, and empathetic
  • Be highly practical
  • Be visible and reachable
  • Maintain clear ethics and values
  • Share wisdom
  • Communicate successfully
  • Manage expectations
  • Patronise clients
  • Act as single experts on the subject
  • Make things overly complicated
  • Pretend to have solutions we don't have
  • Forget the stakeholders particular mission
  • Talk only in theoretical or definitive terms
  • Ignore the opinion of clients
  • Use a "One Size Fits All" approach

Message from the chairman's desk

CSR is just normal everyday work, nothing exotic, nothing difficult, nothing costly, and nothing boring. Today ́s society and stakeholders just require more transparency, more information from the companies, so we have to start doing something we may not have done before, start using some new tools, some new performance indicators. This is everyday work in today ́s and tomorrow ́s world. This can be managed, this saves us money and this can be a true business case.

SMA's CSR Activities

SMA takes an active role in participating and volunteering every year in Gangasagar Mela by serving crores of pilgrims during this auspicious Festival.

Another unique initiative is to develop a model village in a remote area of Dhulagarh. To make a model village in all aspect - SMA focuses on Self-Reliance through Education by giving proper infrastructure facilities for the village schools. SMA ensured that their CSR activities reach a stage wherein village committees & panchayats take over the complete responsibility and together with their team they can take proper Health Care by setting up proper drainage systems across the village.