Lead is being used from prehistoric times. It is a soft, malleable and ductile metal. It has an abundance in the earth's crust of 14 ppm., the main source of the metal being the ore "galena", lead (II) sulphide (PbS) which occurs as grey cubic crystals, often in conjunction with "sphalerite", the equivalent sulphide of zinc. The lead generally oxidises in moist air, but it is stable to oxygen and water, again dissolves in nitric acid.

Although being a poor electrical and thermal conductor it has a good resistance against corrosion. Applications for this metal are wide and varied; for example, lead tubes which are seamlessly fabricated by extrusion. Being flexible and ductile they are mainly used in the chemical industries to transport corrosive chemicals. What helps in this is the corrosion resistant trait of lead. They are also used after cutting as sleeves in joining lead sheathed cables. They are fabricated as per IS- 404 with high-quality raw materials such as pure lead metal, lead alloys, chemically pure lead and antimonial lead alloy.

SMA is producing Lead Tubes in solid, round, oval, star, bars, ribbon, zigzag or custom shapes as per requirements. Star-shape pipe with internal fins being the speciality of SMA, they are producing seamless pipes of 5mm ID with thickness ranging from 3mm - 10mm and 18ft length in one piece for Electrostatic Precipitators which are used in Power Plants, Commercial Air Purifier etc.